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Artisan company of dog products

Products made by hand, and with the heart, by Nicola and Francesca

Charlyto was born from a passion for dogs and a love for the sea. A project that combines Francesca and Nicola’s experience in dog breeding with the desire to do something good for the planet. It is precisely from seeing first-hand the pollution of Lanzarote’s beaches that the two founders of Charlyto decided to create recycled and ecological products for dogs. Today the idea from which it all started has become a philosophy of life and personal, as well as professional, mission. A constant commitment to help reduce microplastic pollution and create products with low environmental impact.

Green and sustainable: Charlyto's choice

All Charlyto products are 100% recycled and recyclable. From the fabrics to the closures, every part is chosen with the idea in mind of creating dog items that are truly sustainable and green.

Attention to the material is what most characterizes Charlyto’s work. Research for ecological materials is the basis from which we start to create products that make you, your dog and above all the planet happy.

Green Duraflex ® is a recycled nylon material made from fabric waste from clothing factories.

It is Blue Sign and Global Recycled Standard certified.

Thanks to its rigid and resistant consistency, it is very suitable for harness and collar buckles.

Obtained from the recycling of fishing nets, industrial plastic waste and textile waste, ECONYL ® it is a truly unique ecological yarn. It can be reused and reshaped endlessly. It allows you to create new products by removing waste from the environment and without using new resources. Leashes, collars and harnesses of the Ocean line are entirely made of Econylon.

The Piñatex comes from the pineapple leaves discarded by farmers during the fruit harvest. it is a soft and resistant fabric that resembles imitation leather. Compared to synthetic fibre, however, it is a biodegradable material and is produced with low environmental impact processing methods certified by B Corporation.

Cactus skin it is a vegan leather, resistant, biodegradable and made with production processes that limit waste and pollution. The fabric, the result of years of research and experimentation, is made from the leaves of the Nobel cactus.

For the laces and closures Charlyto uses 100% recycled rope. A polyester fiber made only from recycled PET plastic bottles. Recycled rope is an eco-friendly material that is as durable and resistant as regular polyester

For his accessories Charlyto chooses organic cotton. A cotton that is grown according to the rules of organic farming which include: the ban on using substances harmful to the environment and human health (pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides...), the protection of workers, respect for the land.

Bamboo fibre It's good for the environment and your health. Grown without wasting resources and pesticides, bamboo fiber is a resistant fabric, with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that absorbs humidity and retains heat. Also Organic linen is produced according to organic cultivation methods and is a hypoallergenic and thermoregulating material.

The r-Pet fabric is a material produced by recycling plastic bottles according to processing methods with very low environmental impact: with r-pet there is an 85% reduction in carbon, 50%-65% reduction in sulfur dioxide and 90% water.

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