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Recycled fabric leashes for dogs

Colorful, resistant and above all recycled. Our Charlyto leashes are handcrafted, ecological and sustainable products. Products where plastic bottles, fishing nets and abandoned waste are transformed into lively and cheerful fabrics. In addition to seeking aesthetic quality, Charlyto leashes are designed to be safe, comfortable and durable. They have a stainless steel, double carabiner hook, which allows you to adjust the length as you wish. You can find them in different sizes and colors. And for an impeccable canine look you can combine them with our harnesses.

Ocean products are made of Econyl®, a textile fiber derived from the regeneration of recycled plastic polymers. Econyl® is an ecological material, created from the recycling of fishing nets, carpets, industrial plastic waste and textile industry waste. It has the same characteristics as nylon, but can be infinitely regenerated and reshaped, so as to create new products without using additional resources. Robustness and respect for the environment are the characteristics of this line.

Made up of a new polymer, r-Pet, obtained through recovery and recycling processes of plastic bottles. With this nylon you save around 40% of Co2, 50% of energy resources and 90% of water consumption. Quality and respect for the environment are the characteristics of this line. An Earth harness is made with around 6 bottles, a leash takes 5 bottles and a collar uses around 4 plastic bottles to be recycled.

Climber leashes are made of rope with econyl® yarn. This material mainly comes from fishing nets recovered from seas and oceans, remains of the textile industries and plastic waste. The presence of a self-locking knot, also known as a slip, allows the length of the leash to be adjusted according to any need. The adjustment is simple, fast and can be done by anyone. Softness, lightness and resistance are the characteristics of this line.