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Eco-friendly collars for dogs

Charlyto collars are the elegant and essential alternative to harnesses, if your dog is used to not pulling on the leash. Resistant and comfortable to wear, our collars are made entirely of recycled fabric. From the stitching to the closures, every detail is ecological and eco friendly. Choose from the variety of colors of the Earth and Ocean line: give a gift to your 4-legged friend and the environment.

How to choose the right size?

Ocean products are made of Econyl®, a textile fiber derived from the regeneration of recycled plastic polymers. Econyl® is an ecological material, created from the recycling of fishing nets, carpets, industrial plastic waste and textile industry waste. It has the same characteristics as nylon, but can be infinitely regenerated and reshaped, so as to create new products without using additional resources. Robustness and respect for the environment are the characteristics of this line.

Made up of a new polymer, r-Pet, obtained through recovery and recycling processes of plastic bottles. With this nylon you save around 40% of Co2, 50% of energy resources and 90% of water consumption. Quality and respect for the environment are the characteristics of this line. An Earth harness is made with around 6 bottles, a leash takes 5 bottles and a collar uses around 4 plastic bottles to be recycled.

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