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Happy Snack Blu


Snack bag, blue, in vegetable leather, vegan. With a simple and refined design, you can use it to carry dry and wet morsels with you.


Happy snack, the treat holder practical and elegant. Made in our laboratory using only ecological materials.

You can always take Happy Snack with you, on every adventure, thanks to the carabiner and belt supplied. You can wear it as you see fit:

  • clipped to your bag, trouser loops or backpack
  • over the shoulder
  • alive.

Every part of Happy Snack is attentive to the environment: the external lining is created with a natural leather that comes from cactus waste the internal lining is in recycled and easily washable plastic, the closure strap is in recycled rope and the belt in Econyl®.

With Happy Snack you can take wet or dry morsels with you, thanks to the completely waterproof internal lining.


100% green purse:

  • Blue vegetable leather lining
  • Waterproof internal lining in recycled plastic
  • Recycled rope closure cord.
  • Belt in Econyl®
  • Recycled nylon belt closure


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