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Muttley’s belt Sunset

19,90 20,90 

If you want to travel safely with your pet, the Dog Car Security Holder is the ideal solution for transporting our animal friends, it allows you to travel in the company of your four-legged friend, guaranteeing safety and comfort.

How to choose the right size?


According to the highway code, every pet owner must guarantee the safety of their pet.

Dog-Car Security is essential to guarantee the safety during the journey, both of the Pet and of the driver; consists of a belt which, on one side it attaches to the dog’s harness, and on the other it attaches to the universal fasteners with which all cars are equipped.

There are two sizes, S/M and M/L, so that you have no problems finding the right one for your dog and to ensure maximum comfort for any dog ​​of any size.


100% recycled product:

  • Econyl ® yarn fabric
  • High strength alloy carabiner
  • Stainless steel car hook
  • Recycled PET stitching.

Additional information


M/L, S/M


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