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The Night Climber Leash

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Leash made of rope with econyl® yarn, an extremely soft, light and resistant material.

The Climber Line leash is designed to face any adventure, in any context, together with your 4-legged friend; from 1.5 meters to 2.8 meters without any ring or hook, just a simple self-locking knot that will allow you to decide the length that is best for you.


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The Climber leash is made with econyl® yarn rope. An extremely soft, light and resistant material, which mainly derives from fishing nets recovered from seas and oceans, remains of the textile industries and plastic waste.

The leash is 2.8 meters long: from 150 cm extendable up to 280 cm, with a diameter of 10 mm. The leash with the aluminum carabiner weighs only 146 grams.

The presence of a self-locking knot, also known as a slip, allows the length of the leash to be adjusted according to any need, a simple, fast adjustment that can be done by anyone.

It can be purchased with two types of muskets:

  • Anti-release carabiner
  • Aluminum carabiner, ultra light with hold up to 450kg.

Educators and dog instructors have approved it for its lightness, for the simplicity of being able to lengthen and/or shorten it and for being able to be used in any context, from the mountains to the city centre.

Create your perfect outfit by combining it with a harness from the Ocean line or a harness from the Earth line.


100% recycled leash:

  • Econyl ® yarn fabric
  • Aluminum or high-strength alloy carabiner

Additional information

Carabiner type

Anti-release, Aluminum Climber (+5€)


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